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What My Clients Say...

I clicked the link with trembling fingers, pushed hesitantly through the firewall, and...there she stood, Beretta in hand. Beauty that hits you like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist. Charm enough to convert the Pope to Scientology. A gaze that pierced like a mohel's circumcision tool. I fell to my knees, stunned speechless by the...the everythingness of her.

Too bad she was just pixels on a digital canvas.

Donna Casey peeked out from behind her and tipped me a wink. "Like it?" she said.

"Words fail me, sugar," I breathed, still rapt from the wonder of it all.

"Save the sweet talk, chump," she said, as I counted 35 simoleons into her ink-stained palm. "This is business. The next one's gonna cost ya but good."

What can I say? A man needs his fix. And Donna knows she has a ring in my nose.

Ah, my Bella Donna. As Ambrose Bierce said, "In Italian, a beautiful English, a deadly poison. Thereby showing the essential identity between the two languages."

All my best,

Francis W. Porretto - Long Island, NY

It is said that the writer must catch his audience's attention in the first sentence, in the first mental image he as a storyteller evokes. As a storyteller, I take great pleasure in creating characters and scenes, always with the goal of entertaining that audience. Drafting that first word-picture is often the most difficult part of the process, a process that often gains momentum after that beginning mental image.

However in today's competitive world finding that perfect image is not enough. Think about going into the library or book store to find something you'll want to read. What entices you to pick up one book passing over the others? Some times it's a familiar author's name. I'm of the school that thinks it's the cover art that draws most readers in. That is the first mental image that sets the tone for the words that follow. Having just the right visualization at that moment is the 'make or break' factor for the storyteller.

Discovering the artistry of Donna Casey, better known as "Digital Donna", makes all the difference. She is able to bring my stories to life even before reading the brief synopsis inside the front cover.

Bill Sheehy - Australia

If you are looking for someone to design the cover of your book, look no further. Donna is terrific. She takes your ideas and creatively transforms them into a picture you'll be delighted with. She has performed her magic four times for me, on four different books. She's a delight to work with and though we have never met, I consider her a friend.

Jim Dreis
Tucson, AZ
Author of The Traders, Trader Among the Flock, The Traders Club and Constitutional Ban on Divorce - An Adult Fairy Tale.

Working with Donna Casey has been one of the best parts of getting my book published with Smashwords. She makes you feel that shes on your team to sell your book through a great cover. And Donna does all that she promises works fast and considers your suggestions to best represent your story to potential readers. Im delighted with my Digital Donna cover for The Egyptian Cat.

Diane C. Reaves

The Egyptian Cat banner


You are truly gifted and creative! Moreover, your professionalism and efficiency is greatly appreciated. You are the "Queen of Adobe Photoshop"! I highly recommend your company as a premier digital graphic leader. It has been a pleasure working with you.

God bless,

J. Allen Zow, Sr.

I can't recommend Digital Donna enough. You'll get way more than your money's worth as she works with you to bring your vision of the perfect cover to completion. She's fast, efficient, talented and makes the process painless and fun.

Author - Queen of Hearts

K. Dawn Bryd

Dear Donna,
I thought you might enjoy an update on how your hard work has paid off.
As of yesterday at 5 PM, there have been 2037 whole or partial downloads of one of the books you covered for me. That's more readers for my fiction than I ever dreamed I'd have, and you deserve a big chunk of the credit. A few people have specifically mentioned your cover art, with emphasis on the one you did for "Which Art In Hope".
I hope all is well with you -- and that your other customers appreciate you as much as I do!

All my best,

Francis W. Porretto - Long Island, NY

Donna was a joy to work with! She patiently and happily delivered revision after revision as I fine-tuned the communication of my vision for her to make reality. The end product was a nice, eye-catching cover that captured the scenes wonderfully. Great price, too!

Rider Devereaux

I'm so happy with Ms. Casey's work. Although I hate to admit it; the cover she designed and produced is the best thing about my e-book. I've gotten many compliments on it. Ms. Casey has a great talent and I'm very glad I hired her. She produced a top notch product in record time. And she's very reasonable in price. I feel that it was the best value I've ever gotten. Thank you Ms. Casey for a beautiful cover.

Jack Floyd

Hi Donna, --this one, like the other, is great! Thank you for your time and professionalism, plus timeliness and upbeat approach. I've worked with a number of designers over the years and you're one of the best, ever!

Dennis Powers, author

Dear Donna:
I am delighted with the cover you rendered. I was told to expect to pay "at least" $500.00 for a good, professional cover. I honestly don't believe any of the aviation artists with their airbrushes, magnifying glasses and airplane manuals, poring over the Douglas parts catalog and period airline liveries, could have done a better, more praiseworthy job.
My editor, Patricia, was similarly impressed. I literally can't thank you enough. We're very well pleased.

Edward Davenport