Web Ads
Web ads can be placed on web sites, blogs and in email signatures to advertise your books. There are many basic ad sizes in use today for web advertising, however the IAB has standardized ad sizes to some extent. The IAB's "Universal Ad Package" recommends these sizes: Leaderboard, Wide Skyscraper, Rectangle and Medium Rectangle. I have added a very popular size here as well: Full Banner.

The price of each ad graphic is $10.00; a package of any 3 $25.00. Please let me know if you need a custom size, the price may vary.

How to order:
When you have chosen an ad size, contact me to discuss your design options.

Mouseover the links below to see the full size ads:

Leaderboard 728 x 90

Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600

Rectangle 180 x 150

Medium Rectangle 300 x 250

Full Banner 468 x 60

All sizes are measured in pixels.

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