Digital Donna Book Cover Design

Cover Art
Thank you for your interest in my eBook Cover design service. I take pride in my work and I will work with you until you are satisfied with the art. I want your book to sell and I will give you a lot of my time and effort to that end.

My pricing structure is as follows*:

Prices as of January 1, 2013:

$100.00 – eBook cover

  • low resolution (72dpi)
  • sized for most online publishers (1600 x 2400 px)
  • other sizes will be supplied if needed
  • price includes images used, up to $30.00 worth
  • up to ten free revisions, additional revisions $5.00 each
  • $50.00 deposit is required before work can begin
  • balance due upon completion

$125.00 – eBook cover, as above, PLUS full print cover

  • front, back and spine
  • high resolution (300dpi) PDF
  • price includes images used on the front cover
  • $50.00 deposit is required before work can begin
  • balance due upon completion
  • you may have the ebook cover done first for $100.00 and the full print cover done at a later date for $25.00 if you like

How I Work:
I create composite images from two or more photographs and/or graphic illustrations purchased from many different stock photo websites. Many times, it helps to speed up the creation process if the author 'surfs' these sites and finds images that they like. The author then sends me the ID numbers of the images, along with the name of the site that they came from. These are the stock photo sites I use the most:;;; and If you don't have time to do this, don't worry, I'll do it anyway. :)

The going rate for a freelance designer to create book cover art is anywhere from $300 to $1,000 or more. This price is for a physical dust jacket and the art is usually done with traditional media, paints and brushes, pen and ink, etc. What I do is purchase royalty free images and combine them in an artful way to convey the concept of the book. This method can be just as compelling as the traditional method. Of course, I add the title, subtitle and author’s name to the cover as well.

Most authors send me a synopsis of their book and/or any ideas they may have so that I can get an idea of the concept to portray.

I work as quickly as possible, often working nights and weekends to complete a commission. I have completed covers in as little as two hours and as many as twelve hours over the course of two or three days. I do accept tips. :)

I will be sending you drafts of the cover as we go along and make changes; feel free to suggest any changes you think might make the design better and I will try them.

It is not necessary, but if you would like to give me credit for your cover art, I would appreciate it. This is one way to do it, just add the following to your copyright page:

Cover Design Copyright © 2015
by (http://DigitalDonna.Com)

A note about content: I do not read pornographic material in preparation for designing a cover, nor do I use images that depict nudity, hate, or cruelty towards animals or people.

Print Cover Art
The main difference between eBook cover graphics and print cover graphics is the file size/resolution. Normally, eBook covers are only used on the web, so they can be created at 72 dpi. However, when designing a cover for print-on-demand publishers, the cover has to be created at 300 dpi; high resolution, to get a quality print on the cover of the book.

The product you end up with will be a full size .jpg and/or a pdf. You will know beforehand what you need if you have decided on a self-publishing site to publish your book. I will need the exact dimensions of the finished product including the spine in order for it to print correctly. Most POD publishers supply cover artists with a template which is built after they know the dimensions of your book and the number of pages in the finished product.

*prices subject to change